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If you are looking for a cheap eyebrow threading in the Melbourne area, then go to Bibi Nails and Beauty. A lot of threading shops have popped up in the city as more people want to have their eyebrows threaded instead of waxed.

Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique from the Middle East. Most people look for a cheap threading service rather than a wax job. While there are lots of salons that offer the same service, Mary does the best job in town and at such an affordable price. She shapes your brows quickly and precisely, at an affordable price.Eyebrow Threading in Melbourne

There are several reasons why you should choose us to take care of your eyebrows. Threading is much cheaper than waxing. It is also less painful, faster, simpler, and more precise. The beautician utilises a double strand of cotton thread that twists to remove individual hair, which is pulled out from its root. Aside from the eyebrows, this hair removal technique can also be used to remove hair from the upper lip.

Our cheap eyebrow threading sessions usually last around five to ten minutes. This is a lot faster than tweezing hair that takes around 20 minutes. We provide professional brow shaping without costing a lot. This eyebrow shaping option is ideal if you haven’t had your brows done before. After having it done, you will have natural looking eyebrows.

Plucking your eyebrows is nowhere as good as getting them shaped professionally. You should expect it to be painful, depending on your pain tolerance. If it is high, then this process should be painless. A good threading practitioner will ensure that you will not be in agony while having your facial hair removed. We strive to make your experience as painless as possible.

When you come in our shop, we will ask you how much you want to be threaded. You can opt to have the edges cleaned or have them made thinner. We ensure that the result is something that you will be happy with.

In order to make the process faster and cleaner, the client must hold the eyelid and the skin above the eyebrow. If the client is getting the upper lip done, holding one’s tongue against the inside of the lip will make it tauter.

There are some parts of the face that are more sensitive to threading. Some people complain that threading their upper lip is more painful than working on their brows. It is important that you know your sensitive parts before going for a session.

Bibi Nails and Beauty offers the best eyebrow threading in Melbourne – at the best prices! We are proud of the work we do and ensure that our clients love their eyebrows after we are done with them. Schedule a session with us and let us work wonders on your brows.


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