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A lot of shops are offering acrylic nails applications, but how can you determine whether one is the best in town? There are number of things to consider when choosing a salon, and these are outlined below. If you’re looking for the best nail salon in Melbourne, Bibi Nails & Beauty ticks all the boxes!

Sanitised Tools * CRUCIAL!

The best nail salons in Melbourne sanitise their tools with UV sanitisers and alcohol. Bacteria and even blood are found in the equipment after being used on another client, and you don’t want it to be used on you as well, to avoid infection, warts, tinea even herpes!! Some cheap nail salons may not adhere to stringent hygiene standards – ensure that the technician uses sanitised tools before getting your manicure.

Clean Foot Bath

The foot bath is another tool that should be cleaned after being used on a customer. If you are led to the pedicure chair right after the water was drained after being used on another customer is an indicator that the foot bath has not been cleaned properly. A good salon would scrub the baths first before they are used on another customer.

Good Top Coat

There are some salons who try to save money with cheap top coats. Be sure that the salon utilises a reputable top coat. The manicure must have a shiny finish and smudge proof. A quality manicure that lasts longer is better than getting cheap manicures that smudge as soon as you leave the salon. Quick drying top coats can seal in five to ten minutes. That means you don’t need to spend more time at the dryer. A good top coat will make your manicure last longer as well as look better.

Uses Trendy Colours

There are hundreds of polish colours to choose from and the best nail salons have most of them. They keep an eye on launches from the major brands and ensure that they have them for their clients. They guarantee that clients have the pick from the new trends and sample the new colours on the market. Good salons make sure that their clients have the cool colours on their fingers.

Let You Pay before the Polish

It makes sense to allow the customer to pay before applying the polish or placing the acrylics. It is difficult to get your wallet from your bag with wet nails, and you may ruin the brand new polish. A good salon would allow their clients to pay midway through the service before the acrylics are placed.

If you’re looking for a cheap nail salon in Melbourne that doesn’t compromise on the quality of their services, head to Bibi Nails and Beauty. We provide quality services at affordable prices. We ensure that your nails are done right with the freshest designs on the market today. Schedule an appointment with us today and let us take care of your nails.



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